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Kawanishi-N1K1-J Shiden "George" No-Cal

This is a picture of the version I ended up building. It's the N1K1-Ja production version with canon-pods under the wings. It makes a nice colorful model of this famous mid-wing fighter.

The all-orange prototype shown below is the version I had originally planned to build. The idea of covering a WW II fighter entirely with orange tissue was pretty cool. I show details on the plan to build this version.

After looking at a bunch of color schemes, I chose to build a production N1K1-Ja, the initial production version that had canon pods under the wings. The photo at the top of the page is that model, and the color profile is shown below.

After finishing the N1K1-Ja canon pod version, I realized I could have built essentially the same model without the canon pods, and saved weight in the bargain. That model is the N1K1-Jb production version in which all four canon were in the wings. I added all the details and sketches needed to build this version to the instruction sheet. Here's a color profile of that version:

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