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Look both ways kids

. . . when I was your age . . .

Posted July 16, 2006 by Mike

When I was a kid, parents taught us not to play in the street, and to look both ways before crossing, so we wouldn't get run over.

Now parents put signs out in the middle of the street so their kids can play in the middle of the street with minimal supervision.

Small children learn by example, and when all their friends are playing out in the street, they don't learn just how dangerous it can be. In the last couple of months, I've nearly had a heart attack when, on multiple occasions, I look out the dining room window and see a 2-year old go charging across the street without first looking for cars, and no parent in attendance to tell them otherwise.

Parents -
Watch your kids

/soapbox off.

Ummm . . .

. . . is this really a good idea?

Posted September 15, 2005 by Mike

That logo to the right is for
Sony's new line of car stereo components.

Betcha this product line doesn't make it to Iraq or the Gaza Strip.

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