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Seattle Mayor Proposes Violent Crime Increase

. . . it's true everywhere it's been tried.

Posted May 2, 2006 by Mike

Via the
Orbusmax news site:

In a move stunningly devoid of either practicality or knowledge of the results of similar attempts, Seattle's mayor and police chief have urged the WA state legislature to pass new gun control laws.

But then facts have never gotten in the way of socialists intent on imposing their will on the people.

Never mind the fact that other cities in the US with gun bans are all at the top of the violent crime list, or that the more extreme the gun-ban laws are, the higher on the violent crime list the city is, or that countries that have enacted gun-bans (like England and Australia) now have violent crime rates higher than those in the US.

Common sense isn't one of their strong points either. Blogger Andrew's Dad makes an excellent point that is quite obviously waaaay over Cathy Sorbo's (and Mayor Nichols and Chief Kerlikowske's) heads:
Let me ask you this, if you were a criminal and lived half way between Seattle and Tacoma and Seattle had a total gun ban and Tacoma encouraged its citizens to take advantage of concealed carry laws and taught firearm training and safety in the Tacoma public schools, which city, as a criminal, would you choose to carry out your chosen trade? Would you choose Seattle, where Joe Average law abiding citizen is forbidden from owning a gun or would you choose Tacoma where chances are the house you are breaking into has an owner who is armed and knows how to use the gun?
An excellent question, and one that Cathy Sorbos is obviously incapable of answering in a manner anywhere near honestly or without dissembling. Andrew's Dad continues his precise application of the cluestick:
I have another question, lets say one day you just snap just like Kyle Huff. You decide you have had enough and are going to go out with a bang, literally, and take as many innocent people with you as possible. Where do you think you could cause more death, a gun show, a shooting range or a gun free zone such as any Seattle public school where you are 100% guaranteed there will not be anyone on the grounds armed and capable of stopping the rampage? When is the last time you heard of anyone planning on shooting up a gun show? What about a shooting range? Why is it they always target those places where they know nobody will have a gun?
(emphasis mine)
Yet more questions they will never be able to answer honestly. But hey - it's never really been about public safety, has it. It's about control of the citizenry. Of course, if you could force them to answer just one question, it would of course be this one, which Andrew's Dad asks of reporterette Cathy Sorbo:
And one last question Cathy, do you have a sign in your window stating that your place of residence is free of guns? If not why not? Make a stand, be proud of your convictions, encourage criminals to target you instead of me. Mull that over for a while.
But of course gun-grabbers would never publically admit that their houses are gun-free zones now, would they?

Oh Nooooooo!!!

QUICK! RUN! HIDE! It's . . . it's . . . it's a gun picture! . . . iiieeeeeeeeeee!!!!

Posted March 31, 2006 by Mike

From the Tokyo Times blog, via Steven Den Beste's Chizumatic, comes this absurb bit of hoplophobia:

*WARNING* Possibly NSFW!
Bungling blogger

March 24th, 2006 by Lee
A former police administration officer in Morioka, Iwate Prefecture, has been reported to prosecutors for violating the Swords and Firearms Control Law after taking pictures of handguns and using them on his blog.
The article continues with a description of the crime, and a short visual tutorial on how to properly (in Japan) increase one's blog traffic.

No Un-Americans Over Here, Nosiree . . .
I don't need half a beer.

Posted September 29, 2005 by Mike

view from the porch:
"I'm about half a beer away from convincing myself that not only is it un-American for me to not own an SKS of some sort, but that I don't have anything better to do with my funds this paycheck, and that Ramen Pride noodles taste good."
Not too sure about the Ramen noodles bit, but the rest seems . . . HEY! . . . waitaminute - I've been cheated! I didn't get a grenade launcher!

Pumpkin Wars!

Gotta get ta Idaho!

Posted September 15, 2005 by Mike

Boomershoot is one thing, but THIS is a whole 'nuther ball pumpkin game!

Hat-tip to BlogIdaho!

Camera this year, CANNON next?

. . . gotta scout the competition, heh-heh!

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