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Turn 1 - Willow

famous quotes . . .
How can someone get paid so much for knowing and doing so little?
Posted May 10, 2006 by Mike

NewsBusters - Katie Couric's opening remark when accepting her inclusion in the Time 100:
"I'm worthless without a TelePrompter"

Not a lot of use with one either.

The Unit . . . as perceived by NBC . . .

Posted March 23, 2006 by Mike

Well that didn't take long. They couldn't even wait to get through the first episode before their psychotic view of the military and conservatives bled all over the script. Just as "The West Wing" was Hollywood's wet dream of how the White House should be run, so "The Unit" is their wet dream about the nature of the military and the type of people who belong to it.

The instant things go bad, the lead character immediately violates the chain of command, civilian military oversight, Posse-Comitatus, annnnd just generally runs roughshod over civilian law enforcement. Never mind that this would never happen in real life (or that the FBI's HRT would be the lead agency in a situation like this).

And when our (Hollywood version) hero gets home, he immediately psychologically snaps, going postal in his own home, thereby completing the scriptwriter's warped view of military special forces units as being populated by psychotic, stressed out, loan-wolf madmen just waiting to explode, who are just as likely to gun down their own family members as they are the enemy.

The next episode wasn't much better. Supposedly top-notch, heavily trained, special forces types let a wanted man jump out of an airplane because they weren't paying attention? Not bloody likely.

But if there was any doubt how they really feel about the military or conservatives, this last episode erased all doubts. Moral equivalence between Christian missionaries and terrorist kidnappers? But of course. Our "hero" sympathizes with the perp about how Christian missionaries are a bunch of land-grabbing, culture destroying idiots. Not to be outdone, the wives back home socialize with a stereo-typical hard liquor boozing congress-critter who never met a defense contract she didn't like, knock ballistic missile defense as the biggest waste of money in the military budget, and denigrate the training received by our armed forces.

I can't imagine what stereotypes will be shoveled out next week, but I can guarantee you this - if they can find a way to paint the military or conservatives in a negative light, it'll happen.

I make this prediction - it won't take the public long to see through this farce. The target audience is exactly that group of people portrayed negatively in the series, and unless NBC are willing to eat a bunch of losses just to spite that specific audience (something they've done before), the cheap shots they keep taking at the audience will sink the show. I give it one season, max. Personally, I don't think it will last that long, but stranger things have happened.

Truth Used as Insult !

- truth from the most unlikely sources

Posted March 20, 2006 by Mike

Via Tim Blair, from Zombie's outstanding photo essay covering the March 18, 2006 anti-war rallies in San-Fran:

Arguments broke out in public forums (such as this thread on the Indybay progressive site) over which side was to blame. The anarchists accused ANSWER of being Stalinists who use bullying tactics (which is true), while ANSWER accused the anarchists of being disorganized poseurs with no clue how to start a real revolution (which is also true). (The squabbling continued even after the events were over.)

(emphasis mine)
Truer words have never been spoken. Check out both of Zombie's photo essays, and marvel at the stupidity of the extreme left that now controls the democrat party.

How Is This News?
Birds of a feather . . .

Posted January 25, 2005 by Michael A. Morrow


So "The Aviator" leads nominations for the upcoming Academy Awards. How is this news?

By all accounts, the political center of Hollywood is a bit to the left of the old Soviet Republic's. So why would anyone be surprised that they would vote for a movie that portrays a "greedy capitalist" going slowly insane?

Isn't that what they wish would happen to all "greedy capitalists"?

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