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MSNBC.MSN.COM Finds New Way to Drive Away Traffic!
Floating Pop-ups?? Oh THAT'll attract new readers!
Posted April 5, 2004 by Michael A. Morrow

Floating Pop-ups??!!??

I don't bother reading anything with a WaPo byline anymore because of the blatant bias, but the idiots over at msnbc.msn.com have got something far more more annoying than simple political bias. I clicked in to read an article, and was treated to something new - a floating pop-up advertisement that not only stayed on-screen, but purposely covered the article I came to read even when I scrolled down. This is SOOO annoying, that I predict an immediate drop in site traffic.

Here's a newsflash msnbc; everybody and their dog has pop-up blockers for a good reason -


What makes these marketing geniuses think that an even MORE annoying FLOATING pop-up ad is going to be any more popular than the regular pop-ups?

Adios msnbc.msn.com.


Floating Pop-ups
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