What's New on the Building Board

February 29th, 2016

My Luscombe Model 10 No-Cal - they don't come any cuter than this!

I'll be adding more construction pictures later, but it's so cute I couldn't wait to get this posted. I've already test-glided it, and it glides as pretty as you please both without and with a flying prop. Looking forward to better weather and the first powered test flights!

March 1st Update: all-up weight balanced for test glides, with flying prop, but without rubber: 4.74 grams! Considering that it has landing gear, it was built with 1/16 square and sheet throughout (instead of smaller, lighter wood sizes), and has a (VERY light) airbrushed silver color scheme, not bad at all! It will weigh slightly more when balanced for the rubber motor, because there are several inches of un-balanced rubber behind the center of gravity due to the short nose.

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