Shooting Bench Plans

Transporting Your Shooting Bench

1) Transporting the bench and legs - The legs are VERY heavy. Be sure to store them where they won't come flying through your windsheld if you have to slam on the brakes. Preferably in the trunk. And to keep them from ratttling around in the trunk . . .

2) An idea to secure the legs when not in use - One of my brothers' friends took some plastic pipe, cut it into 6 pieces about 2 - 3 inches long, then cut a section out of each piece so it looks like a 'C' when viewed from the end as shown in the figure on the right.
He screwed the plastic pieces to the bottom of the table, open section facing up, three at each end. When he takes the legs off, he just clips them into the plastic sleeves - this keeps the legs from rattling about in the trunk.
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