Shooting Bench Plans

Leg Mount - Step 1

1) Grab that piece of 1" x 4.5" x 24" Oak. Measure and mark off a 4.5 inch long piece on one end. On the top edge, draw an angle (shown in red in the diagram).

2) This is the hardest, most tedious part of the project. Clamp the un-marked end in a vice. Drag that old hand saw out and start cutting. Be careful and keep it as accurate as possible.

3) When the first wedge is cut off, take it to the belt sander (its OAK - you're NOT gonna hand sand it) and make sure the cut face is as flat as possible.

4) Measure another 4.5 inches on the board and make a vertical cut - this gives you the second wedge. Make the cut surface flat with the trusty belt sander.

5) Measure and mark off another 4.5 inch long piece on the end. On the top edge, draw the angle, carefully cut this piece off, and belt sand the cut surface. You now have three Oak leg mounts that should look like the bottom figure to the left.

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