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In Memory of Jim Wright
Jim's Hughes H-1b racer
(top photo shows tailwheel up)
At approximately 7:15 AM, July 9, 2002, Jim Wright's replica Hughes H-1B, serial #2 Lifted off for the first time.

Boeing Model 40C Restored
Addison Pemberton did a magnificent restoration of a Boeing Model 40C mailplane at Felts field, Spokane, Washington.

Koolhoven Aeroplanes Foundation
... preserving the work of the Dutch airplane constructor Frederick Koolhoven (1886-1946). Covers Frederick Koolhoven's designs, INCLUDING the 1936 FK-55 mid-engine, contra-prop, cannon fighter! Knowledgeable modelers will recognize the FK-55 in the logo for my (trademarked) AERO ACES line of rubber-powered flying scale model kits.
Blackhawk Comics Aircraft modeling, comics, and cool aircraft like the Grumman XF5F Skyrocket in an entertaining site.

Messerschmidt Me-262's!
BRAND NEW Me-262s are being manufactured at Paine Field in Everett, Washington! Five FLYING examples are being built, and one non-flying restoration will be completed. Check out this AWESOME web-site complete with construction photos!

FLUG WERK Gmbh FW-190A8s!
BRAND NEW FW 190A8/N's FLYING replicas are being manufactured! For the paltry sum of only $525,000 US, you can have your own FW 190, one of the best fighters of WW II. The FW 190A8/N's (the 'N' is for Neu (new)) are being manufactured in Gammelsdorf, Bavaria.
Martin-Baker MB-5 Replica
A replica of the sleek Martin-Baker MB-5 fighter is nearing completion at Reno Stead Airfield! Check out the latest photos!

Laird Super Solution!
A FLYING replica of the Laird Super Solution has been completed and flown by Jim Moss and crew. Ken Brynstad (wings), Tom Jensen (welding), and Dave Gauthier (technical) did the major bits on the speedster. The aircraft was trucked to and assembled at Oshkosh for display. It recently had it's first flight. Check their web-site for pictures!

BELLANCA "Miss Vedol" - First to Make Transpacific Flight
A FLYING reconstruction of the red Bellanca used in the record flight from Japan to Wenatchee, Washington on October 5th, 1931, a flight of 4,500 miles. It's being built in a hanger at Pangborn Field in Wenatchee. Visitors welcome at the hanger when open.

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