What the word "COPYRIGHT" means:

Copyright means that the owner of the copyright for a document has the EXCLUSIVE right to make copies. No one else may make copies of any kind for any reason without permission. It's that simple, and it's the law.

To protect the document you have purchased, the "Fair Usage" doctrine allows you to make a copy for safe-keeping. If you buy a plan, you are allowed to make a copy to build from, so that the original can be kept safe. Unused copies may not be given away - they must be destroyed.

Contrary to popular belief, you are NOT allowed to make a copy for someone else "as long as money doesn't change hands". To legally make copies, you must own the Copyright.

If you finish using the plan, and you want to give it to someone else, you must give them all your copies, or destroy the plan.

Under no conditions are two people allowed to possess copies from a single purchased copy.

You are not allowed to make, give away, or sell copies of the copyrighted document.

You are not allowed to publish the copyrighted document without permission for any reason.


I draw plans for a living. Unlike most other plans/kits providers, I am not subsidized by another job or a pension. Plans can take months to research, draw, test, and finalize. Some have been researched for years before a final drawing could be completed. The flying model market is small, so it can be years before enough copies of a plan are sold to pay for it's development costs. In the mean time, I have to eat. Every time you copy one of my plans for a friend, you are taking food off my table. If a friend asks you to make a copy for them, please tell them politely to respect my copyright, and purchase their own copy.

New, quality plans and kits take time and money to develop. Respecting my Copyright will allow exciting new plans and kits to be produced for everyone.

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