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FLYING ACES No-Cal Profile Scale Model Rules
1. A simple event for recognizable profile models with a wingspan of 16 inches.
2. Total of three flights to determine score. Highest total score wins. Fly-off to break ties.
3. Any flight of 20 seconds or more is official. All flights to be hand launched. No Maximum flight time.
4. Model must have control outlines, registration numbers or letters, etc.
5. Model must be in correct color scheme, have documentation to prove it.
6. Model must also have full landing gear. No profile gears. Retractable gear may be built in the up position.
Clarification of "No profile gears" (via Lin Reichel, C-in-C, FAC):
"No Profile gears" means that if an aircraft has two fixed landing gear legs, they must both be on the model. They may not be represented as one gear hanging from the center of the fuselage.
7. Surfaces may be single covered.
8. All wing struts must also be on the model.
9. Motor sticks shall not exceed fuselage length.
This is a new rule for 1999. It may be in response to some models with motor sticks protruding several inches out the front of a model, which injures the scale looks of the aircraft. Most of my plans show the motor stick extending approximately 1/4 inch for propeller clearance. For absolute rule compliance, you may want to trim off the front of the sticks/tubes shown on my plans even with the front of the model, and trim the rear of the motor stick/tube by the same amount to maintain balance.
10. Judges decisions are final.

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