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Turn 1 - Willow

Do They Come in Blogger Style?

. . . just when I was getting comfortable, they go and change the membership rules on me again . . .

Posted June 4, 2006 by Mike

Bloggers wear
underwear ??? When was this announced? Was I out when that particular VRWC memo went out?

And last I heard, pajamas were the official attire for blogging (g-strings optional, as are pajamas, especially when you're otherwise occupied").

Hat tip to NewsBusters.

Oh Nooooooo!!!

QUICK! RUN! HIDE! It's . . . it's . . . it's a gun picture! . . . iiieeeeeeeeeee!!!!

Posted March 31, 2006 by Mike

From the Tokyo Times blog, via Steven Den Beste's Chizumatic, comes this absurb bit of hoplophobia:

*WARNING* Possibly NSFW!
Bungling blogger

March 24th, 2006 by Lee
A former police administration officer in Morioka, Iwate Prefecture, has been reported to prosecutors for violating the Swords and Firearms Control Law after taking pictures of handguns and using them on his blog.
The article continues with a description of the crime, and a short visual tutorial on how to properly (in Japan) increase one's blog traffic.

ALLAH is back!

Posted January 17, 2006 by Mike

Allah, Supreme Leader of the Splodydopes, is BACK!

Update your blogrolls, fellow pajama-marines!

As another blogger put it:

"Blogging is like the mafia. You don't just quit."

"day by day" goes big-time !

. . . now SUNDAY-SIZED!!

Posted January 8, 2006 by Mike

If you're a conservative, and you aren't reading
day by day, you need to get yourself over there right NOW, 'cause day by day has now grown from a daily 3-frame cartoon of biting real-time conservative commentary to include a FULL-SIZE SUNDAY edition!

Come-on - hup-hup-hup; as SondraK says, *clicky-clicky*!

Conversations with a Spambot
"White Space"?!? ...*snicker*...
Posted January 4, 2006 by Mike

eee-hee-hee - This post at Tim Blair's. Including ALL the comments on leftard journo's site . . .

. . . "White Space" . . . Bwa-Hahaha . . .
*snort... *snicker*... *Snort*... he-he... *SNORT*... *snorggle*... he-he *SNORT* ..he-he...he-he-he...ha...mmm-hmmmmm..snicker..ga-snort...ha-ha-ha...eee-hee-hee...a-ha-ha..a-he-he...waaa-ha-ha-ha-ha...hoooof...ga-snort

"White Space" ! *snuffle*


eee-he-he-he-he-he-he-he.. muua-ha-ha-ha-ha.. MUUUWAAA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA...BWAAA-HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA -


ow ! ow ! ow! muuuaaahahahahaha..."white space" ..eeehehehehehe... *gasp* oh-ho..ah-ha... hehehe... "white space" - eeeee-hehehehehehe...

*tears* - eeeee-hehehehehehe...

Sondra K blogrolled
. . . it's that list over on the right . . . scroll down to "The Blogroll" . . .

Posted August 1, 2005 by Mike

For being enthusiastic about a variety of things near and dear to my heart, including
airplanes, motorcycles, guns, supporting our military (see the links in the left column of her blog), for generally having a lot of fun links, and for being an incredible Babe (find it yerself), SondraK has become one of my daily reads.

Consider yourself blogrolled, Sondra.

Go forth and read her stuff.

. . . and I do not have a crush on Sondra . . .

Steven Den Beste is BACK !

... and this time he's having fun !

Posted June 6, 2005 by Michael A. Morrow

Anime, Japanese language insights, mecha, and the occasional link to a political post - what's not to like?

Whoo-Hooo! It's Finally Done ! . . . almost. . .
. . . just one or two more minor details . . .

Posted November 18, 2004 by Michael A. Morrow

Bill Whittle has announced his new book:
"SILENT AMERICA: Essays from a democracy at war is now at the printer. I should have a proof in my hands by Friday or Monday."
Here's the stocking stuffer you were looking for. It should rate right up there with "Shadow War".

Watch Bill Whittle's blog for the latest news, and buy a copy as soon as it's available.

Bill Whittle has Posted a NEW ESSAY!
"DETERRENCE" - Parts 1 & 2, by Bill Whittle.

Posted October 7, 2004 by Michael A. Morrow

It's chips & dip time again. I know all you
pajamahadeen've got a 24-hour grocery open close by, so get on down there, and get:
1) a 24-pack of your favorite non-alcoholic beverage,

2) a family-size of your favorite dippers, and

3) a couple of tins of your favorite chip-dip.

(if you don't have a favorite dip, mix one pack of Lipton's dry onion soup mix with one pound of sour cream or substitute, chill in frig, and prepare to pig out)
Now tilt that chair back (don't want to get any chip crumbs in the old keyboard), stick up your feet, and eyeball Bill Whittle's latest essay - "Deterrence", in two parts:



Go there. READ THEM. NOW.

Amish Tech Support has Morphed ...
Laurence Simon has a new blog, and ATS is no more.

Posted May 24, 2004 by Michael A. Morrow

Laurence Simon over at Amish Tech Support has discovered that the Amish don't need Tech Support! He's now moved into his new digs at:


A nifty new link graphic is shown on the right, and no, he did NOT leave the seat up, I DID.

If you want to see it with the seat DOWN, go there now and check it out!

Same old Laurence, lots of CAT blogging, cat stories, cat pictures, and a blow-by-blow of the kitchen garden on the patio. AND the usual rants and raves about every part of life.

For all the cat-people, Laurence has Carnival of the Cats #10 up at the new site! If you're a cat-blogger, GET THEE HENCE. If you're NOT a cat-blogger, or don't have a cat master, what's wrong with you? Trying to increase the rodent population? Hmmmm?

Bill Whittle has Posted a NEW ESSAY!
STRENGTH - The Final Essay of the Collection "SILENT AMERICA", by Bill Whittle.

Posted May 22, 2004 by Michael A. Morrow

Stock up on the chips and dip, get a 24-pack of your favorite non-alcoholic beverage, pull a COMFY chair up to the old monitor, and settle in for a good read. Bill Whittle has posted his latest essay.


Go there. READ IT. NOW.

Woo-Hooo! Rachel Lucas is BACK!
Piquance. Impudence. Ordnance. Doesn't get any better than this! Posted May 8, 2004 by Michael A. Morrow

Tex' New Ride - Part II
Maybe I was a bit hasty about Tex' new ride.....
Posted April 3, 2004 by Michael A. Morrow

Well Tex, I thought I'd found your next door-slammer , but then I came across this fine unit.....


Good as the other one.


Right up to modern SUV standards, yessiree.


We'll have to see....

Comfort?.......umm... same as last time - lemme get back to you.


Puh-leeeze - it's an SUV!

Annoying blue lights in mirror?

What's that blue flashing under the car?


At LEAST as trick as the previous candidate - can't wait to see it in action!




Pretty sure.

Volvo clearing capability?

thump..thump - what was that bump in the road?

Roo bars still extra.

pic of Tex' new(er) ride

Tex' New Ride - Part II

It's All Laurence's Fault!

This blog is entirely Laurence's fault. I was going to wait until I had a dedicated domain name, and actually knew what I was doing. Then Laurence just HAD to go and do this Carnival of the Cats thing, and... well... here I am. Unfortunately, I don't know what I don't know about stuff like forms, permalinks, trackbacks, and pings, soooo.....

TO COMMENT or Contact Me:
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- - Michael - -

Tex' New Ride
Tex has been looking for a set of rainy-day wheels for a while now.....
Posted March 21, 2004 by Michael A. Morrow

Well Tex, you can stop looking for your next door-slammer. I got your new ride right here.






Check. (ask Kim Basinger)

Comfort?.......umm... lemme get back to you on that. Besides - you won't be in the seat that long.


Hey. It's a performance car. Whattaya want?

Annoying blue lights in mirror?

Not a chance (leastwise, not for more'n a few seconds).


Everything you can think of, and a bunch of stuff you'd Never think of!


None safer.



Volvo clearing capability?

With extreme prejudice.

Roo bars extra.

pic of Tex' new ride

Tex' New Ride -

Bill's Troll!!!
Bill Whittle has had a bit of troll trouble lately.....
Posted March 21, 2004 by Michael A. Morrow

ooo! ooo! ooo!


Looky what I found!

A picture of Bill's Troll!

He even lives under a bridge!

And man, is he uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugly!

(that's ugly with 27 'u's).

And FAT too!

And he owns a Volkswagon (like THAT's a surprise).

pic of Bill's Troll

heh heh.

- Bill's Troll!!! -
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Woo-Hooo! Rachel Lucas is BACK!

Tex' New Ride - Part II

It's All Laurence's Fault!

Tex' New Ride

Bill's Troll!!!

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