Turn 1 - Willow
The Superheros!
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Turn 1 - Willow

Take THAT Evil Villain! And That! And That!
Where's my tights? How can I fight evil without my SuperHero Tights?!

Posted December 13, 2004 by Michael A. Morrow

Tired of your hum-drum life?

Wish you had an alternate identity so you could safely go forth and kick some deserving butt without consequences? Now you can!

RedSugar Muse,

SuperHero creator software!

Once you've created one, why stop there? Create an identity for every situation! That way, when you get busted for say ... uhm ... well ... never mind. But whatever it was (is?) you'll have somebody else to blame! Voila! The perfect defense!

And no, I didn't do it.

Whatever "it" was.

President Ronald Reagan.

1911 - 2004.

GODSPEED, President Reagan.

Posted June 5, 2004 by Michael A. Morrow

Lets. Get. Dangerous!
"I am the stuck key on your keyboard.....
Posted April 4, 2004 by Michael A. Morrow

I am the Terror
that Flaps in the Night...

I am the bubble gum
that sticks to your shoe...

I am the parking meter
that expires while you shop...

I am the pencil
that breaks from signing too many autographs...

I Am Darkwing Duck!"

Lets. Get. Dangerous!

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President Ronald Reagan.

Let's. Get. Dangerous!

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