Chris Starleaf's Cessna CR-3

2004 FAC NATS Thompson Trophy Race Finalists at Geneseo

From left to right: Don Lang with a Marcoux-Bromberg (Keith-Rider R-3), Tom Hallman with his Loose Special, Chris Starleaf holding his Cessna CR-3 built from an AERO ACES kit, Charlie Sauter holding another Marcoux-Bromberg, and finally, Bob Bojanowski holding a Hall-Springfield Bulldog from Pres Bruning's plans.

Hi Mike; Just finished building your CR-3 Kit and I am very pleased with the results. A very good kit! I built mine with a D.T. The total weight is 54 grams and I doubt if I will need any ballast.
Best Regards Chris Starleaf

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