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Dan Kane wins the 2002 FAC Thompson/ Bendix event at Muncie !
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Chris Starleaf wins the 2004 FAC Thompson event at Geneseo !
Dan Kane wins the 2004 FAC Thompson event at Muncie !

Chris Starleaf wins the 2005 FAC Thompson event at Muncie !
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Gary Baughman's
Chris Starleaf's

Harvey Pastel's

Richard Gorman's

George White's

CR-3 kit review by
Gary Baughman

Bob Schlosberg letter
customer notes, letters, and e-mails (coming soon)

Here's a chance to show off your handi-work! If you've built an AERO ACES CR-3 kit, and you'd like to see pictures of it on this page, now you can. Here's a couple of ways to do it:

Method 1) Get a friend to post a high-resolution scan of the photo/s on a web-site so it can be downloaded, then send me an e-mail describing where to get it (http://www.?????), who built it (your name), any special features you have incorporated, how it flies, and if you've had a chance to fly it in a contest.

Method 2) Send the picture/s in the text of an e-mail. DO NOT SEND PICTURES AS ATTACHMENTS!!! E-Mail with attachments is automatically deleted before I see it! Don't forget to tell me your name, and something about the model.

Method 3) Send copies of the photos to me by mail, and I'll figure out some way to get them scanned. Don't forget to include your name, etc.!

On the right: I'm holding the prototype model that flew away. Note the hat doing EXACTLY what hats are supposed to do!

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