Bob Schlosberg's letter about my CR-3 kit

Shortly after ordering one of my CR-3 racer kits, Bob Schlosberg, one of the original associates of Golden Age Reproductions, sent me this very kind letter. I have typed it out as he wrote it in the column on the right. Bob is a superb builder. I believe the models photographed for the Golden Age Reproductions catalog were all built by Bob, so his compliments mean a lot to me.

link to enlarged picture of letter Dear Michael,

My Cessna arrived today and I had to send you this note to tell you how impressed I am with your kit. One of the best I've ever seen !

John Bell down in Florida turned out some well engineered very complete kits and this is every bit as good, if not better, than his. ALAS, - John has called it quits recently, sorry to say.

I was associated with Golden Age Reproductions for years with the original owner, Joe Fitzgibbon, and at that time (the 80's) we had the best kits on the market for F/F - and they're still very good - but you guys have raised the bar. Hope you make some money at it.

Best Regards


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