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About Kits
My goal for AERO ACES Rubber-Powered Flying Scale Models is to produce kits that can be built out of the box using only kit parts, and still be successfully flown in FLYING ACES club contests. The subject of each kit will be thoroughly researched to assure authenticity. To help keep model weight down and achieve better flight performance, only the highest quality materials are used. Only the best contest wood is used for printwood sheets, and REAL lightweight Japanese tissue is included for covering the model, not the cheap domestic "shoebox" tissue you find in kits from big manufacturers. A properly-sized rubber motor is essential for best performance, so enough F.A.I. TAN rubber is included to make up a full length contest motor. It is my hope that with quality materials, and well designed flying models, AERO ACES kits will allow more modelers to get in on the flying action. Hope to see you all on the flying field!
-- Michael A. Morrow --

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