Decorating a No-Cal Grumman FM-2 Wildcat
by Michael A.Morrow

For this north Atlantic FM-2 Wildcat color scheme, you'll need to shrink a piece of white Japanese tissue before you start. See the section on shrinking Japanese tissue for use on No-cals here.
Here are the finished structural parts ready to be covered.

The entire model will be covered with white Japanese tissue, and then colored with felt-tip markers. A very nice match for the grey in this color scheme is the PRISMACOLOR #PM-113 COOL GREY 60% felt tip marker. The stabilizer has already been covered and colored.
Panel lines and markings were applied to the wing tissue using a fine-point felt-tip marker, and then the wing was covered and the excess tissue trimmed.

The photograph shows the aircraft color scheme I've chosen for this model, an FM-2 in north Atlantic colors - grey on the top surfaces and white on the bottom.
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The U.S. star has been colored in using a PRISMACOLOR #PM-43 INDIGO BLUE felt tip marker.

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The wing has been colored using the PRISMACOLOR #PM-113 COOL GREY 60% felt tip marker . . .
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Panel lines and markings were applied to the fuselage tissue, and then the fuselage was covered . . .
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Detail coloring has been done on the fuselage. The canopy has been colored light blue to represent windows, the fuselage star has been colored using the Indigo Blue marker, the wheels have been colored black, and the prop hub has been detailed black and grey.

A piece of foil glued on with a glue stick to represent the jet exhaust panel completes the detailing.
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The top of the fuselage has been colored with the grey marker completing the camoflage scheme.
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The last details are the fuselage numbers - a small '20' on the nose, a larger '20' on the fuselage, a medium-sized '20' on the tail, and the markings are complete!
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. . . and here's the finished model ready to fly!
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