Decorating a No-Cal
by Michael A. Morrow

Here I show the step-by-step process of decorating some of my No-Cals.

The first step for any of the models is to prepare the tissue. To prepare the tissue, lay a piece of Japanese tissue that is the base color for the model on a piece of plastic screen with the shiny side of the tissue down, and soak the tissue until it's wet all the way through. Then set the screen aside, and let the tissue dry. I do NOT tape it to a frame, because I want the tissue to shrink as much as possible. If it's tight on a frame, that means it can still shrink some more.

When the tissue is dry, you're ready to proceed to the next step. I've put together several examples of decorating and covering some of my No-Cals, so just click on one of the links to see the next steps . . .
Decorating a Gloster Whittle No-Cal

Decorating a Do-335 No-Cal

Decorating an FM-2 Wildcat No-Cal

Decorating an N1K1 Shiden No-Cal

Decorating an R2Y1 Keiun No-Cal

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