Freeflight Modeling Suppliers

Freeflight Construction Supplies

FAI Model Supply
THE source for contest rubber. FAI also carries the nylon bearings used with my bearing holders, in addition to kits, outdoor winders, timers, and other stuff.

FAI Model Supply
P.O. Box 181
Avon Lake, OH 44012
Phone: 440-930-2114

Nick Aikman's Green-Man Balsa - no web-site
The finest (and ONLY!) cutter of indoor balsa on the planet.
Here's his
Sales information sheet, complete with pictures.

Nick can be reached at:

Nick Aikman
4A Borough Street
Kegworth Derby
DE74 2FF

RAY HARLAN'S Indoor Model Specialties
Click on 'Indoorspecialties' in upper left-hand corner of Ray's web-site to get menu.
Ray Harlan has been flying indoor models for more than 60 years and has been providing some of the finest tools and unique supplies since 1974. Modelers from around the world have used them to win prestigious contests and set records.
Ray sells a large variety of indoor supplies and tools, including rubber strippers, scales, winders, and pigtail thrust bearings. He also has articles on how to Build a Simple Pitch Gage, Building a Simple Torque Meter, Flying on Partial Motors, How to Make Flight Logs, and Plastic Films and How to Cover With Them.

SIG Manufacturing Co. A large catalog of flying model supplies for freeflight, control-line, and R/C, including balsa, kits, rubber, supplies, and too much other stuff to mention. Call for current catalog price.

Sig Manufacturing Co., Inc.
401-7 South Front St.
Montezuma, Iowa 50171-0520
phone: (515) 623-5154.
fax: (515) 623-3922
Order line: 1 (800) 247-5008

Vendor Lists

Bill Warner's COTTAGE WINGS Source Guide - Last Update: Sept. 9, 2016
The Cottage Wings Guide was originally compiled for Free Flight scale modelers by Bill Warner. It is not connected in any way with the AMA, and the endorsements, where they occur, are the result of Bill Warner's and Carlo Godel's personal experience or as noted.

Bob Clemens' Freeflight Vendors List - Last updated March 2001
Kits, Plans, Rubber Strip, Wood, Tissue, and Other Necessities. A freeflight suppliers list maintained by Bob Clemens. Many of these vendors are no longer in business. Use as an idea list to search for products that might be available from other venders.
Bob Clemens, 95 Shoreway Drive, Rochester, NY 14612
(716) 392-3346


This is the old Hannan's Runway. They sell flying model plans, Bill Hannan's line of books, including PLANS & 3-VIEWS, GBs and Gee-Bees, MODELS And MODELERS, MODELS & METHODS, STICK and TISSUE, MODEL BUILDERS and THEIR MODELS, and all six volumes of PEANUTS & PISTACHIOS, and the Frank Zaic year books. subject=Inquiry about Plans and Things

A.A. Lidberg/mps
Whatsamatter? My No-Cal plans too complicated? Afraid of rolled motor tubes and built-up props? Try Al's line of No-Cals - They are simple to make and good fliers. And inexpensive. Al also has Peanut Scale plans, normal size rubber scale plans, some Jumbo Scale rubber plans, and partial kits for old-timer models. Contact Al at:

A. A. Lidberg
1127 W. Dunbar Drive
Tempe, AZ 85282
Call for info: (480) 309-6564

Mike Midkiff's model company - he sells plans, short kits, decals, and canopies for his model designs. Contact Mike at:

Ozark Model Aviation
125 Heneretta Drive
Hurst, TX 76054

PH: 817-428-8151
FAX: 817-485-0111


Golden Age Reproductins sells 43 of the best rubber-powered flying scale model kits on the market today. Good plans, good wood, decals, molded canopies and wheels make for very high quality kits. Golden Age ALSO has 245 super quality 1930s vintage rubber scale plans that have been painstakingly restored. Their catalog of plans and kits is to drool over.

Golden Age Reproductions has taken over production of John Bell's line of great rubber-powered flying scale model kits.

For current catalog, send $3.00 to:

Golden Age Reproductions
P.O. BOX 1685
Andover, MA 01810

Phone: (978) 687-0024

Michael A. Morrow's AERO ACES - Doing Business since 1995 !
AERO ACES is a TRADEMARK of Michael A. Morrow.
All Images, drawings, plans, articles, and kits, are Registered
& Copyrighted by Michael A. Morrow