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Nick Aikman's Green-Man Balsa Sales Sheet

Green-Man Balsa

Nick Aikman, 4A Borough Street, Kegworth, Derby, DE74 2FF, England

Balsa sheet cut using the machine that British indoor expert Ron Green originally built in the 1970's. The machine has been renovated and now I use it to continue Ron's work for model fliers.

Most of the top European and American F1D fliers have used my wood and I published a paper about the process for the American 2009 NFFS Symposium Report.

Some of the wood is cut for F1D construction but I also cut sheets for lighter and heavier classes - F1R; F1L; Pennyplane; F1M; Ministick; USA rules EZB; scale etc and occasionally for outdoor models. The density varies from sub 4.0 lb per cubic foot up to about 7.0 lb depending on what I have in stock and the availability of suitable raw blocks from Papua New Guinea and Ecuador.

I can cut from 0.004" thick up to about 0.130" in A, B or C grain. Sheets are usually cut as A or C grain and all sheets are weighed and measured individually for density and thickness.

All sheets are at least the standard indoor size of 18.0" X 1.125" X the thickness in thousandths of an inch.


'Standard' grade 4.00

'Premium' grade 5.00.

These sheets may be longer/wider than normal and will have excellent grain markings.

Note: I do not always have all sizes/densities available in both grades as most wood is now cut as 'Premium' grade.

Prices do not include postage and international orders are sent with insurance cover.

I have a minimum order of 10 sheets + the insured postage. Payment can be made by cheque in the UK and via PayPal from overseas.

Nick Aikman, April 2013

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