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FLYING ACES Eagle Squadron 34

January 17th, 2004
Indoor Meet at Oxbow! - PHOTOS BELOW!

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Dan Smith's Sacks A-6 No-Cal.
Is this cool, or what?
Al Likely's Honey Bee Embryo. A VERY smooth flyer!
John Koptonak Winds his Comet Dime Scale Arado AR-96 for another flight.

Very nice model finished in wee hours of morning before contest
(of course nobody EVER does that....).
Super smooth flights plus perfect wheel landings equal a fine win in Dime Scale for John and his Ar-96.
A closeup of Homer Smith's Dime Scale Chester Jeep racer
My (Mike Morrow) Dime Scale triplane.
I think I finally got the trim right. Let's see...MASSIVE wash-in of ALL THREE left wings, a launch that would make a wakefield flier proud, and VOILA! 30+ second flights! Cool!
My Dad bought and built this little triplane as a kit in the 30's for a nickle (that's right - 5 cents!). He saved the plan, and I built it almost exactly per plan. The only changes were an adjustable nose plug, moving the motor peg forward, and enlarging the vertical tail a tiny bit.
Mike Morrow's new (stopped work at 3:00am - finished at the meet) Mk-14 Spitfire No-Cal in the markings of race #80 flown in the Tinnerman race at the 1949 Thompson Trophy races. Very pretty initial test flights!
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