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FLYING ACES Eagle Squadron 34

December 20th, 2003
Indoor Meet at Oxbow! - PHOTOS BELOW!

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Frank Hirleman, on left, winds his Embryo, and Wil, on right, works on an Indoor Model (behind all the gliders).
Homer Smith heads out to test his Chester Jeep racer Dime Scale model.
A rear view of John Koptonak's superb Sopwith racer.
Front view of John's Sopwith - VERY nice.

A small part of Mike Morrow's fleet.
On floor:
front - Pilatus PC-9 No-Cal; right - Gadfly Dime Scale hiding a Fokker Triplane Dime Scale; behind table leg - Mr. Smoothie and R-4 Firecracker No-Cals.
On Table:(counterclockwise from left)
FW 190 D-9 No-Cal, Sopwith 1 & 1/2 Strutter No-Cal, Anson Johnson's #45 P-51 racer No-Cal, Rand Robinson KR-1 homebuilt No-Cal, and Piper Vagabond Peanut.
A test flight for the Fokker Triplane Dimer!
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