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I also build ! GASP ! Plastic scale models !
In modeling, as in other activities, there tends to be cross-over between different aspects of the hobby, and I am no exception. I've been building plastic scale models as long as I've been building flying models, perhaps a little longer, as I started plastic scale modeling when I was about six years old. The tools and skills used in the two disciplines are as different as can be imagined, as are many of the sources of information. Part of the reason is that the attributes that make a good rubber-powered flying model have nothing to do with what interests the plastic scale modeler. Nether-the-less, I have found subjects of interest in both aspects of the hobby. My collection has been described as "eclectic" by more than one fellow modeler, but the true modeling enthusiast should be able to find something of interest.

Here, then, are some of my plastic scale models.

Alien Abduction Lamp

Bede BD-5

Blackburn Skua

Dormay Bathtub

Focke-Wulf TA-183

Gloster Whittle

Whittle W.1 Jet Engine

Heinkel He-178

Keith-Rider R-4 Schoenfeldt Firecracker

Link Instrument Trainer

Magnifying Stand

Mars Rover

Messerschmitt Bf-108 Taifun

Messerschmitt Me-109G

Mignet HM-14 Flying Flea

Nakajima Ki-44 Shoki (Demon)

Parnall Pixie II - 1923 Lympne Trials light plane racer

This is a 1/48 scale scratchbuilt model of Parnall's little Lympne trials entry.
Polikarpov I-16 1949 Schneider Trophy Racer
(Yes, you read that right).

This model was built for the fictitious 1949 Schneider Trophy Race event at the Seattle IPMS 2005 Spring Show.
Sopwith 2F.1 Ship's Camel
Zeppelin Raid Participant

STAR WARS B-Wing Fighter

Thunderbird No. 2

Plastic Model Clubs

IPMS - Seattle Chapter The Seattle Chapter of the International Plastic Modelers Society is one of the oldest, biggest, and most talented groups of plastic modelers in the country. Meetings never fail to draw 60-plus members, several kit venders, and great looking models. A large spring contest sponsored each year. Monthly meetings usually run about 2 hours.


North Bellevue Community/Senior Center
4063 - 148th Ave. NE
Bellevue, WA

Directions: From Interstate-5 or Interstate-405, take 520 East to the 148th Ave. NE exit. Take the North exit on 148th Ave (the second of the two 148th Ave. exits) and continue north on 148th until you reach the Senior Center. The Senior Center will be on your left. The Center itself is not easily visible from the road, but there is a signpost in the median.

See the Seattle IPMS Chapter web site for more information, or, contact:

Terry D. Moore
(425) 774-6343

NWSM - NorthWest Scale Modelers A much less formal club than IPMS-Seattle, but with lots of membership cross-over. Meetings are on 'Free admission night' (generally the first Thursday of the month, but call to ask) from 7pm to 9pm in the Boeing Museum of Flight. NWSM sponsors several contests also. For information, contact:
Bill Johnson
(425) 257-3284

Hobby Shops

Skyway Model Shop Emil runs a great little hobby shop which caters to IPMS members. He gets the latest stuff, and has some of the oldest stuff too. Check hours before going. See his shop at:
Skyway Model Shop
12615 Renton Ave. S.
Seattle, WA 98178
phone: (206) 772-1211

International Model Toys (link to map) If you are looking for Japanese fantasy resin figure kits, Tom and Shuyi Dang's International Model Toys, in Seattle, is worth a stop to check out. The tiny shop (12 ft. x 20 ft.??) is on the North side of the street at 524 S. King St. in the International District (China Town), in Downtown Seattle. They also carry other Japanese kits, including Gundam.
International Model Toys
524 S. King St.
Seattle, WA
phone: (206) 682-8534

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